Nature Based Tourism Strategy

In August 2000 the Authority released the Nature Based Tourism Strategy to provide the basis for tourism management in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. The strategy divides the World Heritage Area into twelve tourism precincts according to their distinctive features and tourism focus. The overall aim is to encourage a dynamic, sustainable and professional nature based tourism industry in the Wet Tropics. The strategy encourages cooperative partnerships between the tourism industry, land managers, indigenous people, conservation groups and the community.

Some of the tourism issues discussed in the Nature Based Tourism Strategy include:

  • Rainforest Aboriginal tourism
  • research needs
  • marketing the World Heritage Area
  • marketing tourism in the Wet Tropics
  • permit assessment and allocation of Commercial Activity Permits
  • accreditation and training
  • cost recovery and user pays
  • maintaining tourism infrastructure

The Nature Based Tourism Strategy also includes a list of tourism sites in and around the World Heritage Area and their management issues together with a map of the sites [3MB].


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