New Green Army team fight yellow crazy ants

The Wet Tropics Management Authority received a boost in November in its capacity to manage yellow crazy ants with a second Green Army team beginning work in the field. 

A new team of ten enthusiastic recruits hit the ground running in early November undertaking surveys at sites in Bentley Park and Edmonton.

Mr Scott Buchanan, executive director of the Wet Tropics Management Authority explained “We are confident that these surveys will collect evidence to help confirm localised eradication at three sites covering a combined area of 37.5 hectares.”

“Regular surveys at one site in Edmonton over the past 18 months have not detected any sign of yellow crazy ants. This will be the third survey working towards declaring the area free of yellow crazy ants.”  Mr Buchanan added.

New Green Army team fight yellow crazy ants

Published: 11th Nov 2015

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