New initiative encourages research investment in the Wet Tropics

The Wet Tropics Management Authority is positioning the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area as an international hub for tropical environmental research following the launch of its new initiative in June.

The Wet Tropics Learning Landscape initiative encourages innovative research in the World Heritage Area that will inform land management and policy decisions.

Vice Chancellor of James Cook University, Professor Sandra Harding, officially launched the initiative at the university’s Cairns campus.

Wet Tropics Management Authority executive director Andrew Maclean said research is vital for protected area managers to make informed decisions.

“Wet Tropics flora and fauna are constantly undergoing change. They respond and react to changes in climate, intrusions by pests and weeds and increased urban development and social use.

If we are to protect and manage the Wet Tropics appropriately, we must have the knowledge to do so,” Mr Maclean said.
Professor Harding said the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area has so much to offer researchers. “The Wet Tropics offers a myriad of research opportunities for scientists. The region boasts high quality research organisations, programs and infrastructure teamed with some of the most renowned tropical scientists in the world.”

“The Learning Landscape initiative will build upon these foundations to encourage meaningful and productive interaction between academics and land managers. This will result in research that will assist in the conservation and protection of the ‘outstanding universal value’ of the World Heritage Area,” Professor Harding added.

Mr Maclean said that the Learning Landscapes initiative would help encourage the Wet Tropics community to learn about and appreciate the international importance, complexities and uniqueness of the World Heritage Area.

“The Authority aspires to manage the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area for the enjoyment of future generations without diminishing the enjoyment of our generation. Through the Learning Landscapes initiative and with community help and understanding we believe we can achieve that goal,” Mr Maclean added.

Download the Learning Landscape brochure

Find out more information visit  Wet Tropics research and a learning landscape.

New initiative encourages research investment in the Wet Tropics

Published: 16th Jun 2014

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