Partnerships take care of yellow crazy ant infested land along Stoney Creek

A great collaborative effort is almost complete for the planning, revegetation and maintenance of land along the edges of Stoney Creek in Edmonton.

The collaboration is a partnership between the Wet Tropics Management Authority, Gimuy Walubara Yidinji Traditional Owners, Mackillop Catholic School, Conservation Volunteers Australia, the Australian Government’s Green Army Programme, Cairns Regional Council, and Terrain NRM. The area being revegetated is within the yellow crazy ant infestation zone and currently has high densities of ants. It has experienced considerable weed growth, making access very difficult for ground crews to adequately treat for yellow crazy ants.

On the preparation and planting days Gimuy Walubara Yidinji Traditional Owner, Gurrabunna, delivered cultural inductions and welcomed participants to country. This was followed by on ground work which involved the clearing of weeds, planting of native trees and the planning of ongoing maintenance for the area. Native trees provided by Gimuy Walubara Yidinji – through a grant agreement with Terrain NRM, have been locally sourced and the mulch has been donated by local tree lopping companies. Cairns Regional Council have also donated trees and provided on ground weed control. Conservation Volunteers Australia will provide ongoing maintenance of the area, to ensure access is retained for the treatment of yellow crazy ants.

This project has been a great opportunity for all involved to collaborate in a fun and positive way while providing more native habitat for local fauna, increasing the aesthetics of the area, contributing to improved water quality in Stoney Creek, and allowing far better access for work teams treating for yellow crazy ants. It is a win all around!

Partnerships take care of yellow crazy ant infested land along Stoney Creek

Published: 01st Jul 2016

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