'Pig day out' with National Parks

It was a 'pig day out' for National Parks and Wet Tropics staff recently.

The commitment of Queensland National Parks to control feral pig populations in and around the World Heritage Area was evident at a recent workshop held near the Edmund Kennedy National Park earlier this month.  

The workshop was an opportunity for rangers and Wet Tropics staff to learn more about pig ecology and baiting and trapping programs.

Staff discussed pig feeding and baiting techniques, measured pig damage transects and the installation of cassowary exclusion gates for feral pig traps.

The workshop also discussed the use of relatively new technology including 'hoghoppers.' The hoghopper is a bait delivery system which targets baits exclusively to feral pigs.

Feral pigs cause significant ecological damage in the Wet Tropics and have established widespread populations. Wetland areas of the Wet Tropics are particularly at risk from feral pig damage when the pigs root for food or wallow in wet areas or, when they eat and trample native plants. They also carry diseases and transport weeds.

To learn more about feral pigs in the Wet Tropics visit our website.

'Pig day out' with National Parks

Published: 13th Aug 2014

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