Promoting initiatives that showcase all the Wet Tropics has to offer

Wet Tropics Management Authority is creating partnerships to develop sustainable tourism opportunities in the Wet Tropics region.


The Authority met with several tourism operators, local councils and Traditional Owners in Cape Tribulation this week to discuss possible initiatives to further promote the World Heritage-listed area.


Principal Project Officer Paul Chantrill says community members can inspire visitors to help protect the world’s oldest surviving rainforest.  


“The Daintree is a jewel in the crown of our World Heritage area,” Mr Chantrill says.


“We need to work closely with the tourism industry, local council and Traditional Owners because they are our partners in presenting this area.


“That’s why it’s really important for us to work with and support them.


“Many of our tour guides have an amazing passion and energy.


“They are a great resource for us. If we work with them then we can ensure everyone’s getting the most out of their World Heritage experience.”


Daintree Marketing Cooperative’s Mike D’Arcy says sharing the stories and history of the rainforest with visitors helps spread the message of conservation.   


“It’s such a culturally rich place that people don’t necessarily fully appreciate,” Mr D’Arcy says.


“It’s got so much natural and cultural diversity.


“What we’re trying to do is to encourage people to stay longer.


“If we’re going to do that it’s always good to show people the variety of experiences that are on offer.”


Last year, the Authority provided advice to the Douglas Shire Council to help improve a stunning feature along the iconic Bloomfield Track, north of Cape Tribulation.


Donovan’s Lookout now provides a breathtaking view of Mount Sorrow Ridge overlooking the mouth of Emmagen Creek.


The lookout allows travellers and tour operators the chance to safely pull over and appreciate the rainforest’s lush and expansive canopy.

Promoting initiatives that showcase all the Wet Tropics has to offer

Published: 03rd Feb 2017

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