Rainforest and Reef Conservation Stories

Friends of Ninney Rise are hosting a Rainforest and Reef conference that will see the historic Ninney Rise property at Bingal Bay opened up for two days of panel discussions with a third day of reef tours and tourism workshops.

Overlooking the Great Barrier Reef, Ninney Rise is the heritage listed base from which John Busst organised Save The Reef and rainforest campaigns in the 1960s and 70s. It was a meeting place for campaigners, artists and scientists working to protect the Great Barrier Reef from oil drilling and other threats and for nominating large areas of rainforest to be protected as National Parks.

Friends of Ninney Rise are opening Ninney Rise for a special conference which celebrates the conservation stories of the region’s reefs and rainforests.

With speakers spanning decades of action and a unique mix of scientists, artists and campaigners, Rainforest and Reef Conservation Stories will run Thursday 3 through Saturday 5 July. Numbers will be capped at 90.

A program, registration package and summary of speaker biographies can be found on the Friends of Ninney Rise website 

Rainforest and Reef Conservation Stories

Published: 17th Jun 2014

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