Daintree futures study


Daintree Futures Study

A report for the Wet Tropics Ministerial Council researched and prepared by the Rainforest CRC, Gutteridge Haskins & Davey and Far North Strategies.


A Consulting Team led by the Rainforest Cooperative Research Centre (Rainforest CRC) has proposed a future for the Daintree coastal region based on protecting environmental values while building a sustainable rainforest community on freehold land north of the Daintree River.

The Consulting Team's report and recommendations for the future of the region were released for public comment in late 2000. Feedback from public submissions centred around recommendations for reducing the development potential on freehold blocks and compensation for that reduction. Strong views were also expressed about power, tourism and land acquisition. In response to public submissions the Consulting Team modified their recommendations. The final report which includes these changes is now available.





Report text [945KB]

Executive summary [1.8MB]

Cape Tribulation
Noah Creek
Upper Cooper Creek
Hutchinson Creek to Cooper Creek
Palm Road
Hutchinson to Maclean Creek
Cow Bay
Cape Kimberley
Forest Creek area
Overall strategy
Private land strategy
Public land strategy
Map A: Settlement
Map B: Conservation
Map C: Vegetation
Map D: Clearing
Map E: Cassowary




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