Fish stocking


Translocated Fishes in Streams of the Wet Tropics Region, North Queensland: Distribution and Potential Impact

by Damien W. Burrows

Translocations have been occurring in the Wet Tropics for around one hundred years, mostly done by private individuals and involving low numbers of fish. However, the Recreational Fishing Enhancement Program, a DPI initiative which began in 1986, and the development of mass-hatchery techniques in the last twenty years, has greatly increased the number of fishes stocked. Evidence suggests that up to 36 freshwater fish species plus red claw crayfish have been translocated into waters of the Wet Tropics.

Despite the extent of stockings that have occurred to date, and the important faunal components of Wet Tropics streams that are considered to be vulnerable to predation by novel fish predators, no environmental evaluations for fish stocking have been undertaken in the Wet Tropics. The distribution of translocated fishes in streams of the Wet Tropics is not adequately known, nor is the extent of overlap between translocated fishes and potentially vulnerable species such as frogs and crustaceans.

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The report includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • History of Fish Stocking
  • Fish Stocking Activities in the Wet Tropics
  • Wet Tropics Catchments Affected by Fish Stocking
  • Key Research and Management Recommendations
  • References

Translocated fishes in streams of the Wet Tropics region [3.9MB]


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