Research priorities

Wet Tropics World Heritage Area Research Strategy 2014-2018

This research strategy lays out the Authority’s action plan for research delivery from 2014 to 2018.

The Wet Tropics Management Authority recognises research as being a necessary and valuable component of effective natural area management. Scientific research supports integrated and adaptive management by providing an objective and defensible basis for making decisions and developing policy. Efficient transfer and application of scientific knowledge is crucial to successfully meeting the challenge of transmitting to future generations a resilient Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area in a better condition than we inherited.

The Wet Tropics of Queensland is a learning landscape that provides outstanding opportunities for collaborative research across disciplines such as ecology, climatology, tourism, sociology and economics based on tropical ecosystems.

The Authority invites collaboration with research providers to build knowledge of the Wet Tropics bioregion and how best to conserve and manage it. This includes environmental, social and economic research.


Wet Tropics Research and Information Needs Report 2000

This research and information needs report for the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area has been developed by the Authority and the Scientific Advisory Committee in collaboration with other regional land management agencies. The Report is the culmination of a detailed investigation into the major land management issues, state of current knowledge with respect to these issues, and the research needed to support management decisions within the World Heritage Area.

The aim of the report is to identify opportunities for research collaboration and further exploration and attention. A major emphasis is on research that will improve current management practices and provide baseline data for robust monitoring programs.

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