Second round of yellow crazy ant aerial baiting underway

The Wet Tropics Management Authority and its partners have begun the second round of aerial baiting by helicopter to treat yellow crazy ant (Anoplolepis gracilipes) infestations in non-residential areas.

The baiting is taking place in the vicinities of Bentley Park and Mt Peter over the next week or two (weather permitting).

The helicopter drops granular bait that the ants take back to the nest and feed to the queens.

The treatment area includes cane farms and rural areas adjacent to the World Heritage Area and forested areas inside the World Heritage Area. 

On-ground baiting
The first round of on-ground baiting in residential areas is due to finish in September (weather permitting). Residents in the Edmonton and Bentley Park areas who have not returned their consent forms are urged to do so as soon as possible. It is essential that all properties in, or adjacent to, yellow crazy ant infestations are treated otherwise these properties will remain a source of re-infestation.

Residents in infested areas are reminded:
• To only dispose of soil and vegetation at council waste transfer stations. Report illegal dumping to Cairns Regional Council on 4044 3044.

For more information contact the Wet Tropics yellow crazy ant eradication team:

Lucy Karger
P: 4241 0517 E:

Gareth Humphries
P: 4241 0514 E:

Max Chappell
P: 4241 0516 E:

Learn more about the yellow crazy ants here.

Second round of yellow crazy ant aerial baiting underway

Published: 11th Aug 2014

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