Stamp Out Tramp Ants Free Family Movie Night

Grab a cushion and a picnic and come along to a free outdoor showing of Disney’s A Bug’s Life at the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre at 5pm this Saturday 16 March.


Dress up as a bug

There will be a small gift for everyone in an insect costume and prizes for the winning costumes. No age limit applies! So get your bug on, and get on down to the Botanic Gardens!

The venue is wheelchair accessible and partially under cover. There’s no need to book but capacity is limited – so arrive on time to secure a spot!

This is the first in a series of community awareness-raising events about tramp ants which will be held over the next couple of months.

Identifying Tramp Ants

The movie is being shown to raise awareness of electric ants and yellow crazy ants which threaten the unique plants and animals of the Wet Tropics – including our wonderful bug life.

Staff from Conservation Volunteers, Biosecurity Queensland, and the Wet Tropics Management Authority will be on hand to teach people how to identify electric and yellow crazy ants.

People are encouraged to bring along the smallest or the yellowest ant they can find in their yard for identification. The ant should be killed with a knock-down spray (not squashed) and placed in a small clear plastic bag or suitable container.

Dr Alice Crabtree, Conservation Volunteers Regional Manager, says “This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a great movie in beautiful natural surroundings, while learning about invasive ants and how to get rid of them. Bring a cushion and a picnic and join us for a magical evening of life in the undergrowth!”

Biosecurity Threat to the Wet Tropics

Electric and yellow crazy ants are among the world's 100 most invasive species, and are collectively known as tramp ants because of their tendency to hitch a ride with people and spread rapidly.

In the areas they colonise, they completely replace native ants and other insects, reducing biodiversity, disrupting ecological processes, and and are thought to decrease agricultural productivity. They can also harm humans, pets, and livestock. Tramp ants pose a serious threat to the biodiversity, lifestyle, and tourism industries of the Wet Tropics. We need your help to stamp out tramp ants!

Suspected sightings of tramp ants should be reported to Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 or contact Conservation Volunteers to arrange a visit to your property on 0428 828 927.

Learn more about the Stamp Out Tramp Ant Project

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Stamp Out Tramp Ants Free Family Movie Night

Published: 14th Mar 2013

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