Successful Wet Tropics grants

The Wet Tropics Management Authority has granted almost $60,000 in project funding to Traditional Owners in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

The project funding is an initiative of the Wet Tropics Management Authority’s Small Grants Program for 2013 made possible through the Commonwealth’s Caring for our Country Program.

The Wet Tropics Small Grants Program supports activities that contribute to the protection and management of Rainforest Aboriginal bio-cultural values alongside World Heritage values. This funding comes in the wake of the Wet Tropics being recognised for its cultural values on the National Heritage List in 2012.

The listing of cultural values reflects the dynamic relationships that Rainforest Aboriginal people have with their country.

Wet Tropics executive director Andrew Maclean said supporting Rainforest Aboriginal people’s initiatives will ensure that their values are better appreciated and understood, along with the natural values already listed.

He added, the Authority was looking forward to working with the successful applicants in jointly managing traditional Rainforest Aboriginal country in the World Heritage Area.

“The project funding will help local Rainforest Aboriginal people care for their country through on ground activities such as weed management, seed collection and propagation and interpretive signage.”

“We are helping people to preserve their culture by funding the procurement of databases to record and manage cultural heritage. We envisage that all of the successful projects will also lead to enriching the skills of project members,” Mr Maclean said.

“We are extremely enthusiastic about the positive outcomes the Small Grants Program brings to the region and the people involved,” Mr Maclean added.

                           Successful projects for the Wet Tropics Management Authority’s Small Grants Program 2013

Name of Organisation

Project Title

Project Summary Statement

Amount granted


Management of Country

Weed eradication and revegetation

$10 000

Dulabed Malanburra

Country Based Management Plan

Planning for FH lots acquired through PA ILUA

$10 000


Yalanji Bama Keeping Duwar (Black Palm) Safe for the Future

Seed collection and propagation (600) across 6 locations on FH to reduce impacts on natural populations

$10 000

South Cape York Catchment Inc

Kuku Nyungkal Signage

Interpretative sign for existing shelter at Bana Yarralji Ranger Base

$9 160

Wadjanbarra Tablelands Yidinji

Cultural Heritage database

Procure cultural heritage management system, build capacity and record data

$8 500

Application for $10 000 however includes payment of public liability insurance


Cultural Heritage database

Procure cultural heritage management system, build capacity and record data

$10 000




$57 660




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Successful Wet Tropics grants

Published: 31st May 2013

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