'To save Australia's mammals we need a change of heart'

'Our review of the fate of Australian mammals reflects uncomfortably on our society. Without understanding of our country, without linkages to, and affinity to, its nature, and without a corresponding commitment to its well-being, our society will fit poorly in this land and these seas, and we will continue to erode the most remarkable fauna in the world.

We must accept that biodiversity conservation is not only an obligation of government, but a shared societal responsibility.'

Source: The Conversation

Article: To save Australia’s mammals we need a change of heart.

Authors: John Woinarski, Professor (conservation biology), Charles Darwin University and Peter Harrison, Director, Marine Ecology Research Centre, Southern Cross University


The plight of our wildlife

'There are more than 1750 {Australia} mammal, bird, reptile, fish, frog, insect and plant species now at risk and we can't afford for declines in their populations to continue. Each of these species has its own intrinsic value, and collectively they enrich our lives and our country.

The plight of our wildlife affects not only those who rely on the health of the land for a living, but anyone who's ever taken their kids for a bushwalk or enjoyed their backyard birdlife.'

Source: The Hon. Greg Hunt MP, Minister for the Environment, Media release 23 April 2015.

'To save Australia's mammals we need a change of heart'

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