Tolga Bat Hospital celebrates achievements

The Tolga Bat Hospital opened its doors to the public in July to share its recent achievements with the local community.

Over 160 people came through the gates in two hours despite the cold wet weather. This is the third time the Hospital has opened its doors to the public for a gold coin donation, the first being for the opening of its Visitor Centre in 2009.

The Bat Hospital opened a new building and previewed a new bat detector that plugs into an iPad or iPhone and lets you see and hear echolocation calls. 

The hospital has been receiving a lot of media interest and features in current issues of Australian Geographic and Wildlife Australia and appeared on SBS Global Village this month. In addition, the hospital has appeared on numerous television programs both here and Europe in the last 6 months. The centre also achieved number one position on Trip Advisor for attractions in the Atherton area.

The Open Day was organised in association with Tablelands Wildlife Rescue, TREAT (Trees for the Evelyn and Atherton Tablelands) and TKMG (Tree Kangaroo and Mammal Group) who staffed information tables on the day.

The Visitor Centre has Advanced Ecotourism accreditation and is open daily 3 to 6pm. Bookings are essential October to June when the hospital is usually very busy with rescued bats.


Tolga Bat Hospital celebrates achievements

Published: 07th Nov 2014

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