Wet Tropics World Heritage Guides

An exciting new tour guide training and development program is currently being developed for the Wet Tropics, which will enhance World Heritage presentation, interpretation and experience delivery.


The Wet Tropics Management Authority, in partnership with the Department of Environment and Science, and Tourism and Events Queensland, is building on the success of previous tour guide training programs to develop the Wet Tropics World Heritage Guides. 

The importance of well-trained, professional tour guides is widely appreciated, and the Wet Tropics Sustainable Tourism Plan 2021–2031 (the Plan) identified the critical need for accessible information and training to support their ongoing development, including Indigenous tour guides, to ensure consistent delivery of high-quality experiences. This includes promoting understanding of the Wet Tropics' outstanding natural and cultural values, and connecting visitors with those in appropriate ways.

The Wet Tropics World Heritage Guides addresses several actions under the six key goals of the Plan and will deliver directly on action 5.1: Evolve the Wet Tropics Tour Guide Program. 

The Wet Tropics World Heritage Guides will complement the renowned Master Reef Guides program and provide a great resource for Queensland's tourism industry. Watch the promotional video for more information.


Development, delivery and evaluation of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Guides is led by a series of principles that ensure the program aligns with aspirations and the strategic context: 

  • promote World Heritage and National Heritage values
  • respect Rainforest Aboriginal Peoples, Country and culture
  • enhance capacity of Wet Tropics advocates
  • support ongoing professional practice of trainees.


A brand strategy has been developed for the Wet Tropics World Heritage Guides, featuring a brand-mark that represents iconic aspects of the Wet Tropics as well as the human involvement and knowledge sharing integral to the program. 

Wet Tropics World Heritage Guides brand-mark descriptor
Photographer: WTMA

These design elements come together with a colour palette inspired by the natural environment, including the outer shell of the cassowary egg, and the official name and tagline:

Wet Tropics World Heritage Guides full primary brand logo
Photographer: WTMA

Next steps

The Wet Tropics World Heritage Guides will be delivered through an online learning platform and supported by a range of ongoing professional development resources providing opportunities for face-to-face learning and assessment.

With the concept planning completed and brand strategy confirmed, the content design and online build is underway. Key stakeholders and subject matter experts continue to inform the detail where appropriate. The Wet Tropics World Heritage Guides is expected to launch in 2024.

More information

For more information on the development of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Guides, please email guides@wtma.qld.gov.au or call 07 4241 0500.

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