Vale Peter Hitchcock, AM

Staff of the Wet Tropics Management Authority are saddened by the passing of inaugural executive director and conservation leader, Peter Hitchcock, on Monday.

Peter set the foundations for the Wet Tropics Management Authority at a time when World Heritage listing of the Wet Tropics remained a controversial issue. He worked tirelessly to involve the community in the Authority’s work, ensuring that the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area was appreciated by all.

Peter’s career spanned over 40 years working internationally as an environment and heritage consultant, specialising in protected areas and World Heritage.

He was an advisor to the Papua New Guinea, South Asia, Guyana, Lebanon, Indonesia and Borneo governments on policy and field operations, and served two terms on the Australian Heritage Commission.

In addition to his impressive contributions to the Wet Tropics, Peter was an inspiration for Tasmanian and Cape York issues, and in establishing many new protected areas in NSW. His individual efforts in the Helsham Inquiry led to the World Heritage listing of the Tasmanian Wilderness, and he played a lead role in making additions to this area in 2013, which included his beloved tall eucalypt forests.

Peter continued his interest in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and was always a welcome guest at the Wet Tropics Management Authority.

Vale Peter Hitchcock, AM

Published: 23rd May 2019

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