Experience the Wet Tropics

The Wet Tropics is renowned for its scenic natural beauty and incredible biodiversity. There are so many ways for locals and visitors alike to engage with the World Heritage Area, either by exploring on your own or as part of a guided experience.

Walk Wet Tropics

With over 150 managed walks in the Wet Tropics, you are sure to find something to suit your location, ability and interest. Visit our Walk Wet Tropics page to find your next adventure!

Parks and forests

Over 80 percent of the World Heritage Area is managed as national park or state forest: find a park or forest to discover the best spots for picnicking, camping and mountain-biking.

Wet Tropics Management Authority

Tropical tourism

There are a vast array of Wet Tropics tourism experiences on offer, both cultural and nature-based. Tourism Tropical North Queensland can help guide you on your Wet Tropics journey.

Wet Tropics Management Authority

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