WA Warry Warriors

Picture this: a 10 year old's birthday party many miles away from the Wet Tropics on the far western shores of Australia, attended by some very serious ‘WA Warry Warriors’ (as the birthday host, Katie, calls them).

Katie is no ordinary kid and this is no ordinary birthday party: it is a party with a purpose, with the party goers raising funds for Katie’s favourite bird, the cassowary. Instead of birthday presents, Katie opted that her friends donate to the cassowary cause.

Cassowaries and imagination were front and centre for this party with games such as ‘pass the poo bag’ and poo (Maltesers) prizes generating some fun. If you were not so lucky to win the poo you were faced with cassowary-themed challenges including quiz questions.

Behind the fun was a serious message with some serious dollars to go with it. Katie raised a whopping $535 that she has generously donated to the Rainforest Rescue/Save the Cassowary Foundation.

Katie has loved cassowaries ever since receiving a cuddly one from family in Queensland when she was a baby.  She has been lucky enough to see them in the wild in the Daintree and is adamant that she doesn't want them to be endangered or become extinct…and who could blame her! Cassowaries are a keystone species in the Wet Tropics and as such play an important role in keeping our rainforests alive and well.

Katie is passionate about cassowaries and loves to inspire others—her mum said anyone who knows Katie has learnt something about cassowaries. The Authority applauds Katie and all her ‘Warry Warriors’ for their commitment and efforts in raising funds to help save the cassowary. 


WA Warry Warriors

Published: 01st Jul 2016

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