Weed identification

It is important to correctly identify a weed to ensure that it is not a native plant and that it is not a newly invasive species. Correct identification can be an important step in making sure that new weeds can be eradicated before they become established. You also have to make sure that you have the right weed to ensure that any control methods will be effective and appropriate. Factors to consider when identifying weeds include:

  • where and when the weed is growing
  • what group the weed belongs to (i.e. herb, grass, shrub, tree, vine, water plant)
  • leaf shape, size, and colour of the weed
  • flower, seed head or fruiting body of the weed

If you cannot identify a weed using booklets, fact sheets or websites, correct identification can be gained by sending a sample to the Queensland Herbarium. The Queensland Herbarium's website provides information about collecting and preparing plant specimens for identification.


Weed identification on the web

There is now a plethora of information about weeds on the web.



Weed identification booklet

You can download a copy of the Weed Pocket Guide of Agricultural and Environmental weeds for Far North Queensland [7MB].

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