Welcome back Patricia

Patricia O’Loghlen, our Principal Project Officer whom we lost to the Kingdom of Tonga for eight months has returned from her appointment where she served as an Australian Civilian Corps member under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

Whilst in her island paradise Patricia was doing some serious work in producing a Disaster Risk Management Communications Strategy and Implementation Plan. Her work will support disaster preparedness activities under the Tonga Meteorological Services and the National Emergency Management Office, and ensure the newly established Cluster System is activated effectively during disasters.

Of particular interest Patricia was involved in programs to establish; and strengthen the capacity; of a Communicating with Communities (CwC) Technical Working Group in the event of a disaster. The working group ensures that communities are receiving appropriate and timely information during a disaster whilst also being able to communicate outwards. Through the Humanitarian Response website, established by the UN, the CwC Technical Working Group and other sectoral Clusters can upload information to keep the world abreast of relief progress and the needs of communities struck by disasters.

With social media and websites such as Humanitarian Response and Humanity Road providing up to date information on disaster affairs around the world, robust Disaster Risk Management communications increasingly forms the core for effective preparedness and relief efforts. 

Welcome back Patricia

Published: 28th Jul 2015

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