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The discovery of a new species of catfish in the Tully River is a moment to reflect on how much we are still learning about this amazing Wet Tropics landscape. Who knows what other plant and animal species are waiting to be discovered? 

The Authority remains committed to research investment in the World Heritage Area. Partnerships with the many research institutions in the far north, such as James Cook University, CSIRO and the National Environmental Research Program tropcial ecosystems hub, ensure the Authority is at the forefront of world-leading tropical ecosystem research both here and abroad. 

The Wet Tropics Management Authority’s Learning Landscape initiative supports research in the World Heritage Area that will help land managers make informed management and policy decisions supported by innovative and contemporary research data.

Our Student Research Grant Scheme funds postgraduate student research that supports environmental, social and cultural studies which will benefit the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

The Authority’s annual State of the Wet Tropics Report seeks contributions from experts in tropical ecology to provide a summary of current state of knowledge on current themes that relate to the Wet Tropics bioregion.

The Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation conference held in Cairns in late July was an invigorating experience for Authority staff who attended. As the Authority was a sponsor of the conference, Wet Tropics staff had the opportunity to attend the various symposia and information sessions and to network and share ideas with experts from around the globe.

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Welcome to our latest Enews

Published: 07th Aug 2014

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