Wet Tropics celebrates NAIDOC week 2014

The Wet Tropics Management Authority celebrated NAIDOC 2014 with a staff morning tea on Monday followed by a stall at the NAIDOC celebrations at Fogerty Park on Friday 11 July.

The Authority’s stall was a success with many people collecting posters, brochures, stickers, and cassowary bags. Wet Tropics Indigenous Partnerships Project Officer Stacey King said the day was fun and that she was intrigued by how many children knew about Wet Tropics animals.

"I had one little boy come up and he was so excited to share with me everything he knew about the cassowary. Other children wanted posters to decorate their room. I also loved being able to yarn with Elders that willingly told me about the seasonal bush tuckers they saw on our posters or about family members that are in the Authority's publications, " Mrs King said.

"As a Rainforest Aboriginal person I am proud to have been involved in NAIDOC week celebrations, but It is also important for organisations like the Wet Tropics Management Authority to celebrate and acknowledge NAIDOC week. It reflects the Authority’s commitment to Rainforest Aboriginal people and their contribution to decisions made on country in the World Heritage Area."

"NAIDOC is definitely the highlight of my time being here at Wet Tropics Management Authority," Mrs King added.

Wet Tropics Management  Authority executive director, Andrew Maclean, said that the Authority has a proud history built on strong relationships with  Rainforest Aboriginal people.

"NAIDOC week is an opportunity for the Authority and its staff to reflect on the strong and positive partnerships we have built with the Rainforest Aboriginal community.  It is also a time to celebrate the unique and wonderful culture of our Indigenous heritage," Mr Maclean said.

To learn more about Rainforest Aboriginal culture visit here.

Wet Tropics celebrates NAIDOC week 2014

Published: 08th Nov 2014

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