Wet Tropics community urged to celebrate 25 years of World Heritage

It’s the 25th anniversary of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and the Wet Tropics Management Authority is urging the community to celebrate!

After more than a decade of campaigning by local groups, history was made on 9 December 1988 when the Wet Tropics was placed on the World Heritage List.

Wet Tropics Visitor Centres and community groups are invited to host a morning tea to celebrate this World Heritage milestone and to pay tribute to the Wet Tropics treasure at our backdoor.

Wet Tropics executive director Andrew Maclean said it was an opportunity for the entire community of far north Queensland to get involved.

“This is a celebration for anyone who lives in or near the Wet Tropics. It is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the World Heritage Area to our community, Australia and the world.”

“We encourage the community to explore their Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, enjoy it and appreciate it. Community support and stewardship is vital to the well-being of this living legacy so that it can be passed on to future generations,” Mr Maclean said.

The TREAT visitor centre (Trees for the Evelyn and Atherton Tablelands) held their morning tea with Best Job in the World Park Ranger winner Eliza Detrez recently. 

Kuranda Visitor Information Centre held its morning tea (Saturday 16 November) with Envirocare and BatReach. 

Keep your eye out as several local community groups and visitor centres will be holding 25 years of Wet Tropics World Heritage morning teas around the region in the coming month. See our Wet Tropics events calendar. 

Learn more about the Wet Tropics 25th anniversary. Register your event by emailing your event details or contact the Wet Tropics Management Authority on phone 4241 0500.

Wet Tropics community urged to celebrate 25 years of World Heritage

Published: 18th Nov 2013

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