Wet Tropics hosts Papuan visitors

The Authority hosted a delegation from the Papua New Guinea Conservation Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) in March.

The group were visiting Australia as part of the ‘Kokoda Initiative’ to gather information about issues such as environmental protection and conservation planning and World Heritage management.

The Kokoda Initiative is a partnership between Australia and Papua New Guinea to protect the Kokoda Track, Brown River Catchment and Owen Stanley Ranges while improving the lives of the people living along the Track. The Department of Environment leads the initiative alongside Australian Aid, part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The group’s main interests in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area were the engagement of indigenous people in the management of heritage values and the management and planning of electricity infrastructure within a protected area.

Staff of the Authority gave presentations to the group then escorted them on Skyrail cableway to discuss low impact electricity and cableway infrastructure construction and maintenance.

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Wet Tropics hosts Papuan visitors

Published: 16th Apr 2015

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