Wet Tropics Ministerial Forum meet in Sydney

The Forum, comprising Australian and Queensland Environment Ministers, meets annually to provide oversight to the strategic operation of the Wet Tropics Management Authority, approve annual budgets and consider future directions for meeting the property's World Heritage obligations.
A key focus of the Ministers' discussions was the eradication of yellow crazy ants from the World Heritage Area. The respective governments have committed a combined total of $11.8 million over three years to the eradication program (Commonwealth $8.8M which includes $7.5M for eradication and $1.3M for community education and capacity development, and Queensland $3.013M).
The Ministers also welcomed the appointment of the new board since the last forum meeting, and supported the Board’s priorities of bringing stronger engagement with Rainforest Aboriginal people and the broader community, enhancing tourism opportunities and taking action on climate change impacts and resilience.
The upcoming 30th anniversary of World Heritage Listing in 2018 was also discussed.
See full Wet Tropics Ministerial Forum No 26 Communiqué here
Wet Tropics Ministerial Forum meet in Sydney

Published: 29th Nov 2016

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