Wet Tropics Restoration Program

The Wet Tropics community has been a trailblazer in the landcare movement for the past 40 years, with many individuals and organisations committed to protecting and restoring our landscapes. However, the threats to our biodiversity and ecosystems are accelerating and we need to work together to maximise our impact.

The Wet Tropics Restoration Program (the Program) builds upon the achievements of the 2021 Wet Tropics Landscape Restoration Symposium and incorporates the recommendations outlined in the 2020–21 State of Wet Tropics Report: Growing opportunities—landscape restoration for biodiversity and ecosystem recovery.

The Program’s key activities for 2022–2024 include:

Wet Tropics Management AuthorityField days and workshops:  We host a number of events around the Wet Tropics region to provide landholder and managers opportunities to share knowledge and skills on the latest innovations and best practice in restoration

Wet Tropics Management AuthorityDevelop people, purpose and place-based plans: Focusing on priority climate refugia catchments on the Southern Atherton Tablelands and Daintree lowlands. 

Wet Tropics Management AuthorityDesign and implement an investment prospectus: Attracting and targeting initial landscape

Wet Tropics Management AuthorityQuantification of climate benefits: Assessing the World Heritage-listed Wet Tropics forests as carbon sinks and major carbon stores. 

Wet Tropics Management AuthorityIdentifying market investment options: Support the upscaling of restoration efforts through the emerging carbon and biodiversity markets.

Wet Tropics Management AuthorityQuantification of climate benefits: Assessing the World Heritage-listed Wet Tropics forests as carbon sinks and major carbon stores.

Wet Tropics Management AuthorityDevelopment of landholder extension tools: Providing support for landholders.

Wet Tropics Restoration Alliance

Wet Tropics Management AuthorityThe Wet Tropics Restoration Alliance (the Alliance) was established in 2022 by the Wet Tropics Management Authority, with support from Terrain NRM and James Cook University. Its mission is to scale up restoration efforts across the Wet Tropics bioregion so that we can support future climate adaptation. The Alliance aims to elevate landscape restoration and repair in the Wet Tropics beyond business-as-usual scaling up efforts and to expand the sector to facilitate sustained support for restoration initiatives beyond sporadic grant funding. 

For more details on the Wet Tropics Restoration Alliance and how you can be involved, visit our Wet Tropics Restoration Alliance page. 

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To contact the Wet Tropics Restoration Program, email restoration@wtma.qld.gov.au. 

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