Wet Tropics to transform meetings and home offices

The free series of images, creating a surreal experience of the world heritage listed landscape, are available for download from the Authority’s website from Wednesday 29 April, 2020.

Authority Executive Director Scott Buchanan said the Authority hoped the images would lift people’s spirits and make meetings and conference calls a little more interesting during social isolation.

“These virtual backgrounds can easily be installed for your next online meeting, helping people to enjoy the Wet Tropics for surreal now and reminding them of this precious and unique landscape,” he said.

“Australia has done a great job of flattening the curve to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

“While it has been challenging for people to be stuck at home and in their local community, this series of Wet Tropics images offer everyone a way to still enjoy one of the planet’s most significant, biodiverse places from the comfort of their home office,” he said.

The series of images is part of the Authority’s ‘Enjoy the surreal now, enjoy for real later,’ visual story-telling campaign on its social media channels, that allows people to still experience the landscapes of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area during social isolation.

“We are assuring people that the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics have been here millions of years and we are not going anywhere,” Mr Buchanan said.

“Not only do these visually rich images celebrate some of the many unique landscapes in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, it also showcases some of the great local photographic talent the region has here as well,” Mr Buchanan said.

To download the Wet Tropics virtual background series of images, which are also suitable for screen savers and desktop backgrounds, follow the instructions below.

Virtual background installation instructions

Download virtual backgrounds

  1. Bush banks
  2. Butterfly
  3. Cassowary
  4. Creek
  5. Frog
  6. Fungi
  7. Possum
  8. Ray of light
  9. Rocks
  10. Wet Tropics Rainforest
  11. Rainforest creek
  12. Uplands creek
  13. Fungi
  14. Barron Falls
  15. Moss
  16. Frond
  17. Green ant
  18. Christmas Special

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Wet Tropics to transform meetings and home offices

Published: 29th Apr 2020

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