Wet Tropics welcomes new staff members

Jessica Rolfe-Flett has joined the Wet Tropics as a tourism project officer. 

Jess originally trained as a geography and history teacher and taught in country NSW before moving into the tourism industry. She has three years tour guiding experience throughout Australia and South East Asia and more recently has worked in operations with a Cairns based eco-tour operator. Jess looks forward to bringing her industry experience to WTMA where she will be working on the Tour Guide Training Program and World Heritage presentation projects.



    Dr Suzanne Jenkins joined the community engagement team this month as the principal project     officer. Sue has worked with the Wet Tropics community in many roles over the last 20 years         including with Earthwatch Institute and the Australian Conservation Foundation. She has a         doctoral degree in rainforest seedling ecology.




        Gareth Humphreys is the senior technical officer for the yellow crazy ant eradication team.         Gareth oversees all field operations involved in the project which includes treatment and         eradication programs and surveillance. Gareth liaises with volunteers, land holders, residents,         property developers, and schools to educate the community about yellow crazy ants.

Wet Tropics welcomes new staff members

Published: 01st Jan 1970

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