Wet Tropics wins National Landscape Award

The Wet Tropics National Landscape has won the 2013 Outstanding Achievement Award at Tourism Australia’s National Landscape forum and will now feature globally as part of Tourism Australia's ‘Extraordinary Experiences’ campaign.

The award recognises the Wet Tropics National Landscape program’s commitment to working at the highest level with diverse regional tourism and conservation partners to develop new nature tourism products and successfully promote World Heritage values to bring more visitors to the region and enhance visitor experiences. 

Driving an increase in the quality of interpretation and visitor awareness of the region’s natural and cultural values and assisting tour operators to incorporate National Landscape branding into their marketing was also commended.

The award highlighted the Wet Tropics National Landscape program’s success at strategically linking Queensland tourism destination and ecotourism strategies to ensure that the Wet Tropics region is centre stage in national and international marketing.

As a result of this win, the Wet Tropics region will feature globally in a Tourism Australia 48 page ‘Extraordinary Experiences’ supplement promoting the Wet Tropics region as an outstanding visitor destination, rich in natural and cultural experiences, learning and adventure.  Previous Tourism Australia supplements have run in Australia, Germany, Singapore, Korea and other markets globally to demonstrate why There’s nothing like Australia.

The National Landscape program is an important part of the tourism industry’s future with 16 National Landscapes already recognised around Australia through successful partnerships between tourism and conservation. The Wet Tropics region was made a National Landscape on 8 August 2012 as part of the initiative between Tourism Australia and Parks Australia to showcase Australia’s best natural assets to the world.

The Wet Tropics Management Authority chairs the Wet Tropics National Landscape Steering Committee and promotes awareness amongst the community and visitors of the importance and outstanding universal value of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Tropical North Queensland, Mr Rob Giason said “the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is an incredibly attractive drawcard for visitors to the Wet Tropics Landscape and remains an important foundation for the tourism industry in the region.”

“Surveys have shown around 45 per cent of visitors nominated rainforest experiences as one of the three main reasons for visiting this region,” he said.

“The Wet Tropics Management Authority has been instrumental in securing this region as a must see destination and in ensuring that its outstanding natural assets are protected for future economic benefit.” Mr Giason added.

The Wet Tropics Management Authority’s Executive Director Andrew Maclean said “the National Landscapes program fits well with our strategic focus on supporting the development of a sustainable nature-based tourism industry.  We and our partners are committed to ensuring the highest standards of presentation of the natural and cultural values of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.”

Mr Maclean added “receiving an achievement award is an honour and draws attention to the importance of conserving our national assets sustainably.”

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Wet Tropics wins National Landscape Award

Published: 08th Jan 2013

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