#WetTropics30 Flashback: 1987

In 2018 the Wet Tropics Management Authority marks 30 years of Wet Tropics World Heritage. As part of our #WetTropics30 celebrations, we take a look back at news stories which illuminate this fascinating and at times controversial period.

The inscription of the Wet Tropics onto the World Heritage list in 1988 was preceded by much controversy and surrounded by passionate campaigns for and against rainforest logging.

Amidst the debate and growing concern for the region’s natural values was the release of the documentary “Earth First”, which was premiered at the Cairns Civic Theatre in March 1987.

The mood at the time was captured by the Port Douglas and Mossman Gazette in their article “Massive support for Rainforests” (12 March, 1987), which described a Port Douglas group’s trip to the documentary's premier.

“A sombre start to the evening's entertainment for many from the Douglas Shire and a reminder that rainforest destruction continues everyday, was the slow trip down the Cook Highway behind a full logging jinker carrying the bones of forest giants to the Cairns Mill.”

The night attracted a crowd of 650, who heard guest speaker Dr Norman Myers implore: “We are at a time in history, a very exciting time where this can be saved. We can decide its future.”

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#WetTropics30 Flashback: 1987

Published: 18th Jul 2018

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