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Wet Tropics Management Authority

The key outcomes from phase 1 consultation are outlined in the Wet Tropics Management Plan review phase 2 brochure [PDF, 6MB].

This brochure summarises the key items we received feedback on, as well as our proposed response.

The most significant finding from phase 1 consultation was that the existing Management Plan could not address all key issues raised by the community, such as climate change, biosecurity, tourism and the recognition of Rainforest Aboriginal people in management of the Area. 

Your feedback demonstrated that the Management Plan regulates activities, but provides no direction about how the Authority and our partners will address broader strategic issues. 

In response, the Authority proposes to produce the Wet Tropics World Heritage Plan in two parts, available now for your review and feedback:

Submissions closed on Thursday 18 April 2019 


Julie Colman, Principal Planning Officer: (07) 4241 0521|julie.colman@wtma.qld.gov.au

Eli Taylor, Senior Planning Officer: (07) 4241 0505 | eli.taylor@wtma.qld.gov.au

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