Work continues on rainforest corridors

In 2011 the Wet Tropics Management Authority and the local community kicked off the Caring for Our Country project, Making Connections, planting several new upland rainforest corridors on the southern Atherton Tableland. The project ran for three years and planted over eight hectares of trees, establishing nearly two kilometres of rainforest corridors which provide habitat for numerous endemic and threatened animals and plants. The corridors will be important climate change links between sections of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and a large rainforest outlier.

In 2016 the local community is still working hard to complete these vital rainforest corridors, mainly alongside South Endeavour Trust (SET) which has several reserves within these critical corridors—Carabeen Creek, Lemuroid Leap and Dirrans End. SET, and director Tim Hughes, work closely with TREAT, TKMG and CVA to re-establish rainforest with ongoing planting on these reserves.

On 13 February the family of the late Simon Marais, founder of the South Endeavour Trust, came to visit the SET reserves, meet some of the Nature Refuge neighbours and plant a few trees themselves. On 20 February TREAT held another community tree planting day at Lemuroid Leap with over 2800 trees added.

Many thanks to Keith Smith, Dave Hudson, Mark and Angela McCaffrey and others who have worked closely with South Endeavour Trust over the years to keep up the good work.

Work continues on rainforest corridors

Published: 17th Mar 2016

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