Yellow crazy ant eradication to go ahead

The Wet Tropics Management Authority has received an Australian Government Caring for our Country grant for nearly $2 million to eradicate yellow crazy ants in and around the World Heritage Area.

The  successful funding will allow for the eradication of a recent 400ha invasion of yellow crazy ants south of Cairns which have spread from coastal cane farms into the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Yellow crazy ants are listed among the world's 100 worst invaders and are a national priority under the Tramp Ant Threat Abatement Plan. These ants can have a severe impact on a range of ecological processes and lead to significant loss of biodiversity.

If their spread is left unchecked, eradication will not be possible. They will eventually threaten many of the area's endemic, rare and endangered species. The ants will also threaten the tourism industry and visitor enjoyment of the WH Area, the quality of life for local residents and agricultural productivity. 

Yellow crazy ant eradication to go ahead

Published: 23rd Aug 2013

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