Zoning mapsheets

The maps below are the official zoning maps for the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area. There are 32 mapsheets which cover the entire Area, numbered from north to south. You can click on the mapsheet grid to download a mapsheet (usually between 1.5MB and 2.5MB).
There are six 'amendment' maps which indicate amendments to the zoning since 1998, and two larger maps of the zoning for the entire northern and southern sections of the World Heritage Area (2.5MB each). See the zoning information page for more details about the zoning system.

North and south combined zoning maps

Northern World Heritage Area (1:250,000)

Southern World Heritage Area (1:250,000)


Map 1: Helenvale Special

Map 2: Shiptons Flat

Map 3: Ayton

Map 3: Ayton (amendment)

Map 4: Adeline Creek

Map 5: Thornton Peak

Map 6: Mount Spurgeon Special

Map 7: Mossman

Map 8: Rumula Special

Map 9: Macalister Range

Map 10: Kuranda Special

Map 10: Kuranda Special (amendment)

Map 11: Cairns

Map 12: Tinaroo Special

Map 13: Gordonvale

Map 14: Atherton Special

Map 15: Bartle Frere Special

Map 16: Cooper Point

Map 17: Millaa Millaa Special

Map 18: Mena Creek

Map 18: Mena Creek (amendment 1)

Map 18: Mena Creek (amendment 2)

Map 19: Innisfail

Map 20: Tully Falls Special

Map 20: Tully Falls Special (amendment)

Map 21: Tully

Map 22: Clump Point

Map 23: Kirrama

Map 24: Bilyana Special

Map 25: Black Burdekin River

Map 26: Mount Graham

Map 27: Cardwell

Map 27: Cardwell (amendment)

Map 28: Wallaman Falls Special

Map 29: Ingham Special

Map 30: Mount Spec Special

Map 31: Paluma

Map 32 & 32A: Rollingstone Special 

Map grid
Photographer: WTMA Helenvale Special Shiptons Flat Ayton Adeline Creek Thornton Peak Mount Spurgeon Special Mossman Rumula Special Macalister Range Kuranda Special Cairns Tinaroo Special Gordonvale Atherton Special Bartle Frere Special Cooper Point Millaa Millaa Special Mena Creek Innisfail Tully Falls Special Tully Clump Point Kirrama Bilyana Special Black Burdekin River Mount Graham Cardwell Wallaman Falls Special Ingham Special Wallaman Falls Special Mount Spec Special Paluma Rollingstone Special Rollingstone Special
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