The Wet Tropics is a hugely varied and interesting place - rugged mountain ranges, gorges and rivers, wetlands, rainforests, towns, roads and beaches.

You can find all these and more on our selection of maps. In particular, you can find maps of many different aspects of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and its management, including boundaries and zoning.

You can use the interactive map below to view the World Heritage boundaries and a range of other fields.

The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is about 894,420ha of mostly public land, the majority of which is held in national parks. The length of the boundary is about 3000km and stretches for about 450km from just south of Cooktown to north of Townsville. There are about 2,500 properties neighbouring the World Heritage Area.

Wet Tropics World Heritage Area - interactive map

Please click on the boxes to turn fields on and off. The legend on the left will change accordingly.



World Heritage Boundary

Wet Tropics Bioregion


World Heritage Area Zoning


World Heritage Area



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