Track Summary:
  • Track name: Cape Tribulation to Emmagen Creek
  • Area: North Tropics
  • Track Class: Beach Walk
  • Type of walk: One Way
  • Length: Medium
  • Time: 2.50hr
  • Distance: 5.00km
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Carpark
  • Water
Activities & Interests:
  • Beach coastal mangrove
Track description:

Cape Tribulation to Emmagen Beach is an easy coastal and beach walk. You can take in the colourful scenery where the rainforest reaches the reef. You may need to be careful of high tides at certain times of the year, but you are never far from the main road adjacent to the coastal strip. A one way walk takes about five kilometres (one hour). You can return along the beach, walk back along the road, or drop off a car at the other end.

It links two other short walks - the Kulki Walk at Cape Tribulation and the Emmagen Beach walk. Both these short walks provide access to the coast from the main road.

How to get there:

Follow the Cape Tribulation Road to the Kulki turnoff. Take the Kulki walk down to the beach. Follow the coast to the north until you reach Emmagen Creek. You can follow the short Emmagen Beach walk back to the carpark on the main road.

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More information:

If you would like more information about walking from Cape Tribulation to Emmagen Creek:

See the NPRSR website page for Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park

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