Track Summary:
  • Track name: McDonalds Track
  • Area: Cairns/Kuranda
  • Track Class: Road
  • Type of walk: Return
  • Length: Long
  • Time: 3hr
  • Distance: 10.00km
  • Difficulty: Moderate
Activities & Interests:
  • Lookout mountain top
Track description:

McDonalds Track is a 4WD road used occasionally for powerline maintenance. From Wrights Lookout you can gain panoramic views down the Barron River valley and beyond. You can also follow the ridge line on your right out to Red Bluff where McDonalds Track meets Douglas Track. The walk takes you through rainforest and open eucalypt forest and descends sharply to Surprise Creek after about 1.5 kilometres. This a worthwhile destination in itself with superb rockholes for swimming.

Continuing on, a steep climb up from the creek rewards you with more views, both back up the Barron Gorge and to seaward to Cairns. The ridgeline walk undulates through the powerline clearing down to Red Bluff with more spectacular views along the way. From here you can return to Wrights Lookout or take Douglas Track to Stoney Creek or Speewah.

How to get there:

From Kuranda, take the Barron Falls Road and turn off just before the Falls carpark to Wright's Lookout. The track begins to the rear of the lookout area where you will see a gate across this powerline access road.

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If you would like more information about McDonalds Track:

See the NPRSR website pages for Barron Gorge National Park

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