Wet Tropics hosts Aurora Native Title Interns

The Wet Tropics Management Authority had the pleasure of hosting two interns from the Aurora Native Title Internship Program recently. 

Mikhaila Jacoby joined the Authority during the months of November to December 2013 while Oleysa Lantsova spent January and February 2014 in our office. 

During their six week internship, the students gained a valuable insight into how the Authority works with its partners, particularly in the areas of tourism and Indigenous partnerships.

As always the Aurora interns were outstanding in their abilities and experience. They had the opportunity to work on various projects that required a range of skills and admirably completed them within the short time frames. 

You can read a summary of Mikhaila’s projects and experiences here. Oleysa’s story can be found here.

Wet Tropics hosts Aurora Native Title Interns

Published: 01st Jan 1970

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