Strategy 4: World class tourism and recreation

Enhance World Heritage presentation and support opportunities for natural and cultural tourism and recreation

The Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area is an exceptional landscape. It warrants concerted efforts to provide the highest quality standards in presentation. Achieving this potential requires the Authority to take a leading role, working with our partners in government, tourism agencies, local businesses and Rainforest Aboriginal People to achieve excellence in World Heritage presentation.

This collaborative approach will:

  • identify new ways to ensure that people have the opportunity to better appreciate and understand the special values and attributes of the World Heritage Area
  • motivate and inspire people and agencies to make a deeper connection with the World Heritage Area and take an ongoing interest in its care and protection
  • create pathways for Rainforest Aboriginal People to participate more in tourism and presentation activities in the World Heritage Area.

The needs of visitors are constantly changing and the tourism industry is required to evolve accordingly. In recent years, the Wet Tropics region has seen record visitor numbers. Visitor surveys highlight that the experience of the rainforest is a major drawcard for visitors to the region. However, surveys also highlight that many people visiting the World Heritage Area are not aware of its World Heritage status or the reasons for its listing. This suggests that more must be done to communicate what is special about the World Heritage Area and help raise its potential as a globally significant destination.

Key actions

  • Action 4.1: Develop and promote a world-class Wet Tropics ‘brand’ to promote the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area as a natural and cultural tourism destination
  • Action 4.2:  Improving the visitor experience through immersion in the Wet Tropics story

  • Action 4.3: Support capacity building for Wet Tropics champions—tour guides and hosts/ambassadors
  • Action 4.4: Support increased diversity and quality of natural and cultural tourism opportunities in the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area

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